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Tomorrow’s High Street

Our Manifesto Map for the historic Sheffield High Street.

The Tomorrow’s High Street project created a provocative vision for Sheffield’s city centre to celebrate its long linear historical route between Moorfoot and the Wicker Arches.

Friends of SADACCA

SADACCA Event Marketing

Reinvigorating and generating excitement for the future vision of a pillar in the community.

Destination Victoria Quays

Vision of the Future

The live project ‘Destination Victoria Quays’ provided the platform for the creation of the ‘Quay Collective’; a network, a device and a catalyst for discussion, aimed at fostering connection between people and place on the Sheffield Tinsley canal.

Kelham Together

Website Images10

Generating discussion about the future of Kelham through phased interventions.

Cohousing Futures

A Picture of Five Rivers' Life

Collaboratively designing homes with a cohousing community in Sheffield.

The Bridge Community Hub

The Bridge Community Hub_Website Images 10

Year | 2019 Location | The Bridge Community Hub, Kirklees, UK Clients | Lawrence Dodd, The Bridge Community Hub The Bridge Community Hub initially approached Live Projects to examine how […]

St Leonards

A playful axonometric showing site intentions

Through this six week Live Project, we looked at how we might go about conserving St. Leonards for another 800 years, through creative re-imagination and re-animation of the space.

Walkley Vision

Activities of Walkley

Walkley Vision had three clients: Walkley Community Centre, Walkley Carnegie Library and the wider community. We were tasked with better connecting the various community assets, businesses and volunteers in the area as well as providing some organisation specific outcomes.

Live Well

6 beaufort building axo

Working with South Yorkshire Housing Association to understand and improve their Live Well properties.

Crucible Alive


The Crucible was a product of rampant post-war construction and the adventurous spirit that gave rise to new styles of architecture which were previously inconceivable. The theatre evolved into a landmark with its signature brutalist style and then newly envisioned thrust stage, making it one of the most influential and distinguished examples of its period, justifying its listed status.

Cuthbert Bank

cover final2

A process for the improvement of one of SYHA's supported accommodation sites for homeless families in Sheffield.


Playgrounds 9

A vision with Pitsmoor Adventure Playground updating the current facilities to ensure longevity and continued success for the children and wider community of Pitsmoor and the Burngreave Area. Collaborating with artist Steve Pool, we used loose parts play to engage with the children to investigate how architecture and play can be combined.

Pipworth Green

07 Copy of DSCF7547

Pipworth Green Live Project was based at Pipworth Community Primary School in Manor, Sheffield. The original project brief was to take a holistic overview of the school’s existing playground spaces, and consider means for providing the schoolchildren with safe access to an existing astro-turf MUGA (multi-use games area) on the adjacent recreation ground – Pipworth Green.

A Community Endeavour

Proposed Common Room

A future vision for the redevelopment of Endeavour.

Future Forests

Wyre Forest Photo

Presenting pathways to creating a thriving woodland hub that embodies Ruskin’s ideals in the 21st century.

Friends of the Valley

Phase 4 Axonometric

Year | 2018 Location Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Clients |  Friends of the Valley Friends of the Valley, a collective of SSoA students and local residents […]

Buda LP

Buda- What is industry

  Year | 2018 Location | BUDA, Brussels Client |  Jan Zaman Building on last years live project ‘Made in Brussels’ Buda LP  has worked alongside the […]

Building Sutton Sheds

Building Sutton Sheds_10 Outputs

Sutton Sheds is a community workshop facility promoting inclusivity and enhancing social connection and friendships in North Sheffield

A New Home For Paces

The Sensory Garden

A vision for the future. A sense of togetherness. A new home for Paces.

People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor

People's Kitchen Handover Box

Year | 2018 Location | Pitsmoor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Clients |  People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor is a grass roots community group, whose goal is to transform a […]

The Ingle Way

The Vision For The Ingle Way

The project aims to create a route which encapsulates the life, values and teachings of Brendan Ingle and use these to inspire and engage the local community of Wincobank.

St Michael’s Church


Re-imagining and facilitating the future of St. Michael's Church within the Byker community, Newcastle.

Making Meersbrook

MakingMeersbrookwatercolor version2

Our project aimed to celebrate the heritage and community of the historic Meersbrook Hall by the use of site-wide strategies and building interventions.

Sheffield Central

01 Tudor Square

Year | 2018 . Location | Sheffield Clients | Museums Sheffield A vision to re-frame Sheffield Central Library and the Graves Art Gallery in a place for the people of Sheffield to call their own.

Woodbourn Connection

Future Vision

Our vision is to launch Woodbourn Connection as a new space that facilitates links between the local community and the University of Sheffield. This project is the first intervention of many in reactivating a previously underused building at the Pakistan Muslim Centre and in creating a more civic university.

Glossop: Connect

Heritage Assets Community Visions

Year | 2018 Location | Glossop, Derbyshire Clients |  Victoria Arts Centre, High Peak Borough Council Glossop is a market town on the edge of the Peak District […]

Brookfields Park


The next step in the regeneration of Brookfields Park, a young and vibrant landscape on the old site of Manvers Main Colliery

Greening Tinsley

10 (1)

Year | 2018 Location | Sheffield, South Yorkshire Clients |  Tinsley Tingas In 2015, two schools located directly alongside the M1 in Tinsley, Sheffield, were closed due to […]

AR’ City


Year | 2018 Location | Sheffield, South Yorkshire Clients |  Aalfy For six weeks, the AR’ City Live Project team have worked in residence at Live Works, in […]

Umbrella Factory 2017

10_Umbrella Factory_Team

  Year | 2017 Location | Sheffield, South Yorkshire Clients |  Theatre Deli Live Projects 2017 + Theatre Deli presents The Umbrella Factory, a playful, cross-disciplinary project exploring […]

Harmony Works

What if...

  Year | 2017 Location | Sheffield, South Yorkshire Clients |  Sheffield Music Academy & Sheffield Music Hub Harmony Works Live Project brings together two flourishing Sheffield music […]

Wild WEB Live Project

Volunteer View Summer

A collaboration with the Wild WEB project; Idle Valley Nature Reserve’s development plan for opening up to a wider range of user groups as well as to better provide for the people who already use and care for the reserve; their large volunteer base, nature enthusiasts, and educational programmes.

The Great Pier

Great Pier_Image 8

Designed and facilitated a new and exciting installation for the Castlegate site that will allow the public to view the archaeological dig for Sheffield Castle.

The Sheffield Housing Conversations


Providing platforms to discuss impacts and explore solutions by hearing ideas, opinions and experiences of the issues surrounding housing in Sheffield

Made In Brussels

9. Playing with blocks

Intensifying Industry on three sites in Brussels by 200%

Stocksbridge Live Project

Model of SCLC and Oxley Park for Future Consultation 1:500

The project created a vision for the future of Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre and ‘Your’ Oxley Park through a series of phased deliverable packages, building support and ownership by engaging with key stakeholders and the local community.

Moorfoot Link

Phase 3

Year | 2017 Location | Moorfoot, Sheffield Client |  The Labour Party Planning Policy  The reestablishment of a direct link between London Road to The Moor has been discussed for […]


Cemetery Road Elevation

Re-envisioning and facilitating the future of Cemetery Road Baptist Church.

Tinsley For Us


Year | 2017 Location |  Tinsley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Clients |  Tinsley Forum ‘Tinsley For Us’ Live Project team worked with an initial client brief to explore […]

Zest for the Future


'Zest for the Future' focuses on the revitalisation of the Centre for Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe and Langsett.

The Ashton Platform

The Creative Network

The Ashton Platform has woven the voices of the people of Ashton into a creative vision for the future of the town.



Year | 2017 Location | Penistone, South Yorkshire Client | Fiona O’Brien and Stephen Miller, Barnsley Council Penistone is a small market town in South Yorkshire, […]

St Peter’s Churches


  Year | 2016 Location | Cheshire (Chester and Congleton) Client |  Diocese of Chester In collaboration with the Empowering Design Practices research project www.empoweringdesign.net   The church in […]

Glodwick Pool


The brief was to imagine a future for the pool, and re-invigorate it as a sporting and community hub. The Trust’s holistic ambition aims to cater to people of all ages and abilities, supporting the community’s most vulnerable members. This vision however, is hampered by the restrictive existing plan and difficulties involved in adapting a former swimming pool to serve up a more diverse programme.
Although the vision for the site is a radical departure from its initial scope, we have endeavoured to ensure viability on the tight budget. The hub brings not only added social value, but also becomes a more appealing offering to the staff at nearby healthcare sites. Spatial flexibility means conferences and larger public events are easily catered for, diversifying the revenue stream. The final vision is organised around a community core that will catalyse the project’s sustainability and viability.

Manor Allotments


Manor allotments Year | 2016 Location | Manor Allotments, Sheffield Client | Marion Manor allotment is a community garden, located in southern Sheffield, which is made […]

Apiary In The Woods


'Apiary In The Woods' is a collaborative project with the Sheffield Beekeepers Association (SBKA) that aims at the development of the Ecclessal Village to suit the requirements of the SBKA.

Future Factories


The Future Factories Live Project was tasked with addressing the question of collaboration between makers in the context of the emergence of new industries and modes of work in arts, crafts and manufacturing. The clients provided two distinct issues; firstly, how to encourage collaboration among makers and craftspeople, secondly, how to improve the use and development of historic industrial spaces turned to new use. We were provided with Live Works as a space to work within and were invited to exhibit our work and ideas as part of Sheffield Design Week 2016. Our response was an adaptable exhibition to facilitate the meeting, conversations and events that facilitate connections between makers, as well as a smart phone application that created a dispersed network of individuals linked through their common interests and productions.

Future Forum

LP15_Sheffield Futures_05 participation photos

An exploration into the redevelopment of Star House, home to Sheffield Futures, focussed around participation, analysis and design.

Civic University

Vestry Hall Exhibition

The Civic University is about creating a platform to allow for knowledge exchange.

St Wilfrid’s Village

The Future - expanding the facilities and services

Year | 2016 Location | Sheffield, UK Client | St Wilfrid’s Centre St Wilfrid’s is a day centre for vulnerable adults, opened five days a week, providing assistance to 50 individuals […]

Re-Making Gainsborough

LP10 ReMaking Gainsborough Image 10

Year | 2016 Location | Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Client |  West Lindsey District Council Re-Making Gainsborough is a project that works in partnership with West Lindsey Council to […]

Revealing the Castle

05_Revealing the Castle_07_Community garden final

The brief was to not only conserve the physical and historical fabric of Castlegate, but to build on these stories to propose a stimulating vision for the currently purposeless site.

Goldthorpe Railway Cuttings

Governance diagram

Engaging with the community of Goldthorpe to reimagine the railway cuttings.

The Vestry Hall


Establishing a step-by-step guide to help ensure the longevity, and continued success, of the Israac Somali Community Association.

RUSS Self Build

RUSS 1:20 model diagram

Research and design of construction methods for self build mass housing

Greenhill Community Library

04.Greenhill Library LP13

Year | 2016 Location | Greenhill Community Library, Greenhill, Sheffield Client |  Friends of Greenhill Library Like many local libraries in the UK, Greenhill Community Library has […]

Migrant Narratives Exhibition

Side wall - Port

Narrating stories of these migrant journeys and the illicit crossing of borders, this project visualises the continent from the perspective of those who inhabit its edges and those who are in transit .


161030 - Cortonwood Platform Visual Theo (HA ADJUSTMENTS

Elsecar Heritage Railway is a not-for profit charitable organisation that runs and restores heritage locomotives along The Coalfield Line in the Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire.

Ingle Gym

Ingle Gym Mural by Kid Acne

Providing architecture which matches the social and sporting legacy of Ingle Gym.

Community Economies

Time Lapse

Year | 2016 Location | Quercia*LAB, Rovereto, Italy Client | Brave New Alps Brave New Alps is a design collective part of Ecole_IG, a wider network which share an interest […]

Made of Waste

Heeley City Farm _Image posterjpg

Exploring the possibilities of using waste materials and understanding the needs of those affected by dementia to create a flexible and inviting space for those affected by dementia and their carers.

Wealthy City Walks

Personal ideas of wealth

Curation of nine guided walks and workshops around Sheffield city centre based on a reinterpretation of John Ruskin’s ideas of wealth

Explore: Mansion House

Explore: Mansion House

An educational gateway into Doncaster's architectural history

Oriel House

Vision for the future of Oriel House

Creating a vision for the future of Oriel House as a Community Hub


File_000 (1)

Helping develop a social and educational venue serving food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Blackburn Creative Capital

team page

Developing Blackburn's 'Creative Capital' strategy through a Festival of Making and creative networks.

Wentworth Castle Gardens Walled Garden


Developing proposals for Wentworth Castle Walled Gardens

SSoA Around The Toilet

This project explores equal access to public toilets across all age, gender and disability user groups.

The Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Thank You

The ongoing endeavor to develop and enhance the adventure playground for the local community of Pitsmoor.

Archive and the Machine

Archive and the Machine

Investigating innovative ideas for self-build display and storage units at Derby Silk Mill

Spatial Resonances

Piano Detail

Promotional films for the launch of Sheffield Modernist Society.

Maurice Dobson Museum


Working with a volunteer run museum of local heritage, the team delivered a series of resources that would assist the museum to continue to develop and ensure their future.


S1 Artspace as a Cultural Beacon

Investigating the future of a heritage offer at Park Hill.

Incredible Northern Greenhouse

Project Introduction

The Incredible Northern Greenhouse Live Project is a strategic exploration into how sustainable food initiatives could be connected across the North of England.

Broomhill Futures

Public realm - cycle routes

Developing a design guide with BBEST, a local residents group, for the neighbourhood of Broomhill.

Your Orangery

09. Neglect

Exploring the future of Clapham Orangery through community consultation.

Otley Vision

Model Photograph

Working towards a sustainable and appropriate future development of the small market town of Otley through raising the community's aspirations for brownfield site, mixed use development within the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

St. Wilfrid’s School

St. Wilfrid's Current Entrance

"how does a small school respond to pressures to expand to serve the wider community whilst still maintaining the ethos of faith that is central to its success?”

Hemingfield Colliery Project

10 Side

An investigation into possible future uses for a historic colliery site in South Yorkshire.

Making ROCO

Rooftop Plan

A chicken coop for the creative co-op: The ROCO live project ranges from streetscaping to detailed model prototyping

Extra Care Housing Community

Speculative process timeline

Working with the Triratna community for the creation of a Buddhist "Care Home".

One Great Workshop


Collecting and creating stories surrounding energy and making at Portland Works.

Cohousing Live

2014-11-03 - Stakeholder Meeting

Working with Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield Cohousing Network to explain cohousing in a simple and accessible way using an online resource. Initiating a dialogue between the City Council and various stakeholders about the possibilities for procuring multigenerational and cross-demographic cohousing projects, using a site in Sheffield as a platform for discussion.

Bamford Vision


A multi-scale strategic proposal for the improvement of Bamford's community realms.

Volunteer Hub, Hulme Community Garden Centre

Volunteer participation during the construction of the Volunteer Hub

Designing and building a sheltered area using recycled materials with the volunteers of the Hulme Community Garden Centre.

Wickersley Park

Vision 3

Involving locals in the transformation of their park into an asset for the community

Revealing Castlegate

How the different stakeholders relate to eachother

Castle Market is surrounded by controversy. This design proposes a scheme to reveal Castlegate and change perspectives.

Merz Legacy

Merz Legacy

Exploring the on-going legacy of the work of Kurt Schwitters in the UK.


Community engagement in ten foots

Inspiring Action in the South West Ward

Ecclesall Woods – Celebrating Timber Construction

Douglas Fir Structure

To design and build a new roof structure, cladding system and interior fittings for a small existing kitchen/office at the Sawmill site.

Live Difference

Create-a-space, The Game

Bringing people of difference together through the act of creating, to raise awareness of the relationship between space and interaction.

Re-Imagining Libraries

9_Reimagining Libraries_The Boardgame

Re-Imagining Libraries is a student run speculative project exploring strategies for the future for Sheffield community libraries. The group's proposals include a case studies document which serves as a resource and a boardgame which works with the document as an engagement tool for community groups to reimagine the future of their local libraries.


The project begins!

Working with LGBT Sheffield and a local Councillor to explore the possibilities of creating a permanent dedicated LGBT Space within the city centre.

[re]create Blackburn

Participation event in Blackburn

Designing for the implementation of a 'Fab lab' in Blackburn Town Centre.

Wincobank Heritage Learning Centre


Creating a heritage learning centre at the Upper Wincobank Undenominational Chapel.


Public Space: Small, Medium and Large Interventions

www.guangfutures.info is a platform to discuss the future development of GuangFu, North China.
The website contains research, proposals and information about GuangFu as well as providing a platform for further discussion.

S1 Artspace

Exterior perspect of the Tramshed option 4

Working with S1 Artspace, a community of artists and curators, to create a feasibility strategy for the use of two future sites: Exchange Place and The Tramshed.

The Inman Initiative

The Inman Initiative

A proposal to develop the Inman Pavilion from a dated community centre into a flexible and energy-efficient building.

Wellington Street

Wellington Street Live Project

A cohesive refurbishment expressing the purpose and values of a charitable organisation throughout their headquarters

Regather Works

Finished documents and display box

Working with the Regather co-operative towards unlocking the potential of their grade II listed building in Sharrow.



Exploration and creative development of the GIST space in the Workstation, Sheffield.

Parson X Exchange

Inhabiting our space at Soar Works

What if...? A Scrapbook of Ideas for the Parson Cross Neighbourhood

Sheffield Ski Village


Exploring the potential futures of the derelict Sheffield Ski Village and its role within the wider community.

Vision for Wincobank

1:50 model

Creating a vision for a new village hall and surrounding green space in Wincobank, in the North East of Sheffield.

Hulme Community Garden Centre

LP04 final presentation.indd

Developing a plant house with members of the Hulme Community Garden Centre.

Sheffield Care Communities

Contents: Design Toolkit, Spatial Development Toolkit, Resident Engagement Card Game, Sheffield Care Actitiy Network, Sheffcare Activity Network and Darnall Activity Network

Considering quality, design and community links in residential care homes of Sheffield.

Doncaster Toolkit

A resource made up of communication tools

A resource aimed at encouraging Doncaster’s youth to engage, explore and invent their city’s built environment.

Sustainable Timber Innovation Centre


The design and prototype build of STIC at Ecclesall Woods Sawmill.

Forkhill Barracks

Community Presentation

Development of ideas for a former barracks site in Northern Ireland

Recycle Bikes

teaching space perspective

Recycle Bikes is a social enterprise in Sheffield, UK that refurbishes bikes.

Gateway to Ecclesall Woods

Construction Grid

Design and construction of The Retreat and a Walkway Design

Panga Chumvi

Panga Chumvi

Strategies for a sustainable eco-tourist resort in Zanzibar

Wadsley Scout Hut


Viable, future-proof proposals for the redevelopment of 150th Wadsley Scout Hut

Pavilion Of Protest


Installation design and construction for an exhibition at the RIBA to highlight the rising cost of architectural education.

Allotment Soup


The Pallet Privy; a modular system for building toilets on allotment sites.

The Art House


Concept report for a library's refurbishment as accessible artists studios

Growing (in) Todmorden


Food Commons and 'Eco-Nomadic School' Workshop

Portland Works

A3 charette

Community project in support of saving an industrial heritage building

Nicaragua Kitchen


A hands-on project to build a community kitchen for a village in Nicaragua.

Flood and Cyclone Shelter, Bangladesh

Client Presentation

The creation of a website for flood and cyclone relief resources.

York Park & Ride

A pictorial representation of the organisations involved in Live Project.

Re-imagining the Park & Rides of York city.

Voice of Arbourthorne (Praise Pods)

Peer Mediation Shelter 'out and about'.

Community project in support of positive behaviour in schools.

Blackpool, Bond Street

A Second Tower For Blackpool

Investigating the socio-political and economic issues of Blackpool's Bond Street.

Pakhtoon School


Designing a school prototype in Pakhtoon region of Pakistan for future development.

Eden Project: Basecamp

The user passes through the trees, towards phase 1 and the views beyond.

Providing on site accommodation and camping facilities for artists in residence.

Wallingfen Way

School consultation

Replacing a scar in the landscape (the B1230 road to Hull) by reclaiming it for the rural community.

Sheffield Central Library


Exploring future cultural opportunities for the Central Library and its wider network.

All Hallows Church

Missing community

An inclusive and radical church based in inner-city Leeds exploring their opportunities for change.

Parkwood Academy


Ideas to spatially improve classrooms at Parkwood Academy.

ecoROOF Paris


A prototype construction to demonstrate urban food growing in Paris, France.

Sheffield Food Network


An online guide to sustainable food sources in Sheffield.

Wybourn & Richmond Park


A creative consultation for the long term future of Wybourn and Richmond Estates.

Lost in Landsdowne


A series of ideas for local estate residents to engage with their built environment.

Accrington Town Centre


Imaginative strategic proposals for regenerating Accrington's town centre.

Studio/Crit Space, School of Architecture


Ideas for improving our very own School of Architecture.

New Wing, School of Clinical Dentistry


Two options for a vision of a local dental hospital/school.

St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Burley-in-Wharfdale


Strategically improving a parish church in West Yorkshire.

MIND, Dewesbury


Helping MIND Dewsbury to redesign their building.

Valley Allotments


A healthcare drive for the Rotherham Primary Care Trust (PCT).

Neepsend Forum


Realising possibilities for Neepsend in Sheffield.

Kelham Island Stones


New evocative spaces and web catalogue for the Kelham Island Industrial Museum.

Graves Gallery


Ideas for the future of Graves Library and Gallery.

Fugitive House


A traveling house, on world tour, finds its way to Sheffield.



Refurbishing classroom at Deincourt School, Derbyshire.

COPD Breathing Space


Developing a brief for a new Lung Disease Centre.

Cavendish Centre


A vision for an integrated Cavendish Cancer Treatment Centre.

Catherine Street Park


Ideas for rejuvenating one of Sheffield's park spaces.

A Home for Music


A feasibility report converting a derelict church into a new music space.

Parsons Cross


Helping fund and produce a vision for a youth centre in Parsons Cross.

Sustainable Tourism


New cycling facilities for the Saw Mill site in Ecclesall Woods.

Wybourn 2009


The Live Project returns to Wybourn estate in Sheffield.

Sheffield Homes


A report looking at Sheffield Homes stock for conversions.



Ideas for a small intervention for Brent's Roundwood Youth Centre.

The Empty Quarter


Looking at innovative and creative interim uses for the shops, buildings and streets in Sheffield's 'empty quarter.'



Working towards a community-led vision for the regeneration of Easton, Bristol.



A proposal for a public performance art/architecture installation in Sheffield.

The Whirl


A playful, sensory installation on the Whirlow Wheel site in Ecclesall Woods.

Re:Thinking Endcliffe Park


Ideas to rejuvenate one of Sheffield's most popular parks.