A Green Ribbon

Year | 2000
Location | Parson Cross, Sheffield, UK
Client | SOAR with Miranda Plowden

The original brief was based on the Grant Associates renovation of Colley Park and promoted links with Parson Cross and Longley Parks.
A visionary magazine entitled “Heaven!” was produced outlining an imaginary program of events which could take place in the three parks, rather than a rigid masterplan for the area. The mission was in effect to raise the aspirations and indulge the imagination of the local residents as well as to encourage them to get involved in the process of masterplanning their environment. The magazine was distributed in the area and was intended as the first in series.
It highlights the issues of unemployment and poor living conditions and the lack of community vision for the area which is the final aim the magazine works towards. Below is a list of the different proposals the students have put forwards for the area:
“Welcome to Parson Cross Jungle” –Your environment and its alternative futures
Balloon Extravaganza, Parson Cross Carnival – Promoting more annual events in the area
Pants on Parade, Warrior Games, Fun Fair – Community events held in the area by already existing groups
Housing Projects – Article about the benefits of housing redevelopment
Pulp in the Park – Outdoor Cinema
Animal Magic- Parson Cross City Farm idea
Parson Cross Market held in the parks
ART in the Park – an appropriation of Christo and Jean Claude’s Umbrellas project in Parson Cross
Skydiving Club Parson Cross
  • Coordination.
    Prue Chiles