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The School of Architecure, Pristina

Year | 2001
Location | Pristina, Kosova
Client | Faculty of Architecture at the University of Pristina

A programme of ‘live’ projects is conducted within the first six weeks of the academic year at the School of Architecture in Sheffield. This year, one of these consisted of a group of students accompanying Professor Jeremy Till, head of school, and Ruth Morrow, head of first year, to the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Pristina to offer advice on faculty reforms. It was anticipated that Jeremy and Ruth would be involved as consultants within staff discussions on the reforms, and that we, as students, would work with the students from Pristina in a series of workshops running parallel to these discussions.

Prior to our departure we had little information about what our precise role in Pristina could be. As such we chose to wait until we had the opportunity to talk to students and staff before designing the formats for the workshops. After these initial discussions, the workshops were planned and subsequently carried out over three afternoons from the 29th to the 31st October, 2001.

The workshops were specifically designed to empower the architecture students from the University of Pristina, enabling them to take a more active role in the reform of the educative systems and processes within their faculty. Our methodology explains the techniques we used to enable the students to participate more fully in these reforms.

As a result of activities and discussions within the workshops, a series of student recommendations were drawn up. These were displayed, along with a presentation of the work that had led to their formulation, within the Faculty of Architecture on the 1st November, 2001.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Michael Hood
    Matthew Lemar
    Kim Trogal
  • Coordination.
    Ruth Morrow
    Jeremy Till