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Abbeydale Framework Strategy (Broadfield)

Year | 2004
Location | Abbeydale, Sheffield, UK
Client | The University of Sheffield School of Architecture

The aim of the Abbeydale/Broadfield project was to develop a document that would stimulate the regeneration of the area and encourgae local residents, businesses and communities to respond with debate and opinion. It began by establishing links with some of the key community players, organisers and a developer within the area, in order to initiate an understanding of the area’s requirements. A long mapping process drew out these ideas and established what the area had to offer versus the physical elements and barriers that let it down.

The process led to the generation of personal responses and ideas for the improvement of Abbeydale. The group began to sketch these out, with each member taking individual responsibility for one of the ‘5 big ideas’.

These ideas had evolved through the input of the community organisers and through our own design work. They each addressed a particular need of the site. The final document was a culmination of this work and important within it was that it should represent the proposals as well as the early analytical work upon which they were based.

The group wanted the document to pose questions as stimulus to the reader, encouraging them to react to the proposals, hopefully by making contact with one of the community forum groups, but moreover to create aspirations of a better future for the area.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Ben Costello
    Duncan McDougall
    Mark Holloway
    Mihalis Walsh
    Laura Birchenough
    Prash Solanky
    Richard Palmer
  • Coordination.
    Aidan Hoggard