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Multi Purpose Centre, Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Year | 2004
Location | Sheffield, Uk
Client | Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Since their founding in the early 19th century, Sheffield Botanical Gardens have provided a unique resource in the city. In a relatively small area they combine beautiful landscaped gardens with landmark heritage glasshouses, while their location allows them to be easily accessible both as a recreational destination and a green route through the city.

A three phase restoration program is currently reaching completion, funded in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund, but also through the work of a strong group of volunteers (the Friends of the Botanical Gardens, Sheffield – FoBS) who work within the gardens. There are ideas developing for a fourth phase of the project, which is primarily concerned with the regeneration of the area set out for the garden’s staff and the FoBS who aid in the propagation process.

The purpose of the live project was to provide ideas and proposals for this fourth stage of the parks development.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Elen Gest
    Anna Holder
    Tom James
    Chris Preston
    Jamie Thompson
    Mark Broom
    Ruth Sienkiewicz
  • Coordination.
    Prue Chiles