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The Whirl

Year | 2007
Location | Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield
Client | Ruth Nutter with NESTA
Handspring Design | Scott Fletcher, Graeme Ritchie, Joe Tenner

Ruth Nutter is an arts producer who was awarded a NESTA (National Endowment of Science Technology and the Arts) fellowship to explore ways to inspire and enable people to live more sustainably.

‘I want people to experience the Whirl installation in such a way that it inspires them to look at their own lives and make positive sustainable changes…’

Ruth introduced the team to the project, the aim of which is to create a playful, sensory installation on the Whirlow Wheel site in Ecclesall Woods. The installation will be an artistic expression of the main themes of the Whirl: low carbon living, reconnecting with nature and low waste living. However, the Whirl must stand apart from the current image of ‘Eco- homes’, it must not be sterile or private!

Ruth encouraged the team that the Whirl is all about creating an experience, enhancing the awareness of nature, while creating a sense of the home, with a welcoming fire and the smell of baking bread in the air.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    India Aspin
    Andrew Breathwick
    Daniel Chen
    Paul Fielding
    Molly Grey
    Rachel Harris
    Martin Lydon
    Heather McGill
    Juliet Sakyi-Ansah
    David Sparks
  • Coordination.
    Prue Chiles