All Hallows Church

Year | 2010
Location | Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Client | All Hallows Church

All Hallows is a small, inclusive, radical, Anglican Church in Hyde Park, close to the universities and city centre of Leeds. It offers a place for solace and gathering within the wider community through the provision of religious activities and community projects. The aim of the church is to unite their local community by providing for their spiritual and social needs. However, the focus of the modern day church has changed dramatically, from historically concentrating its gaze upon preparation for the afterlife, to improving the lives of their specific local communities today. It is in this guise that All Hallows wishes to be considered, as a social resource open to the needs of its community.

Thus, the purpose of this project is to consider how All Hallows Church can connect more meaningfully with the surrounding communities through drawing upon the richness and diversity of life within the Hyde Park and Woodhouse Ward of Leeds and assessing how the church’s physical alteration could better serve multiple user groups.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Timothy Waddell
    Craig Brailsford
    Sarah Ernst
    Alessandro Paladin
    Vasileios Polychroniadis
    Yifeng Zhu
    Jiachuan Qi
    Guangzong Li
    Shima Rezaei Rashnoodi
    Griselda Arteaga Trejo
  • Coordination.
    Carolyn Butterworth