Blackpool, Bond Street

Year | 2010
Location | Blackpool, Lancashire, UK
Client | Kenji Shermer of Blackpool Council

Bond Street in Blackpool’s South Shore area is a microcosm for the town as a whole; forgotten and neglected, formerly important and pining after past glories and fading memories.

When Blackpool was at its peak Bond Street was the upmarket shopping centre for the town; something of an alternative to the working class retreat offered by the resort.

Now, the street like the town is forgotten and run down. It is littered with empty shops and haunted by social and economic problems. Depressed and depressing, lacking any hope; waiting either for demolition or an unlikely salvation from outside.

However, there is potential. As with the rest of Blackpool, the architectural remnants of its heyday persists, it is close to the twin offers of both the Pleasure Beach and Promenade, and there is a geniuine will for change.

Live Project 6 therefore aims to investigate and understand these problems, to reveal those potentials and explore possible solutions, across all scales; In the isolation of the street and the wider context of the town.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Ioannis Balaskas
    Michael Boyes
    Thalia Charalambous
    Dan Chen
    Jamie Gill
    Daniel Potts
    Alistair Randall
    Joseph Shepherd
    James Southern
    Ruizhao Zhang
  • Coordination.
    Satwinder Samra