Flood and Cyclone Shelter, Bangladesh

Year | 2010
Location | Sundarbans, Bangladesh
Client | RESET

RESET is a young charity set up to help support our built environment adapt to a changing climate. The live project forms part of a wider programme of research into flood and cyclone resilient affordable shelter. This involves a major symposium in Dhaka at the end of the year and the development of a best practice design guide.

The live project team were asked to conduct extensive literature based research on flood and cyclone adapted affordable designs and to produce a dedicated website to host the information. The team developed a web resource which contains information for relief and flood training (RAFT).

RAFT provides a platform for the collaboration of aid workers and specialists, from community to international level. The web resource aims to establish effective management of current and future affordable shelter construction in the Sundarban region of Bangladesh. This knowledge network will become a rich resource, supporting adaptive disaster relief and the development of resilient communities.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Roger Ashman
    Lucy Block
    Yuxin Cao
    Robin Flindell
    Jayne Hogan
    Marianne Howard
    Matthew Martinkovic
    Jonathan Ravenscroft
    Jonathan Shaw
    Bryony Spottiswoode
    John Pradeep Varghese
  • Coordination.
    Russell Light