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Fugitive House

Year | 2003
Location | Detroit, New Orleans, Sheffield and others
Client | Kyong Park

This former dwelling, a simple family home for generations of ordinary Americans, has been re-erected in different urban locations throughout Europe. It has passed through cities with entirely different histories, but whose futures are all now linked by a global economy.

It asks one thing from its viewing public – to think.

The artist Kyong Park devised the project, with it he is suggesting ways of approaching regeneration that communities can initiate themselves as a grassroots attempt to deal with the immediate needs of their residents first and foremost. Through this ordinary people can challenge the overriding pressures on the growth/decline of a city i.e. money and corporate power.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Mark Broom
    Stuart Curran
    Jonathan Drage
    Vanessa Pearce
    Kay Robson
    Neil Sansom
    Ruth Sienkiewic
    Vicky Stoddard
    Jon Wallis
    Simon Watkins
  • Coordination.
    Carolyn Butterworth