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MIND, Dewesbury

Year | 2004
Location | Dewsbury, UK
Client | North Kirklees Mind Centre

Sheffield University was asked to assist the North Kirklees Mind centre in Dewsbury with the redesign of their building. Mind has recently bought a pub in the centre of Dewsbury and have been using it as a day centre for the last year. They hope to receive funding to renovate the building, giving them the independence they have long dreamed of.

The brief was to determine the user’s requirements of the new centre through meetings with the client (MIND) and consultations with the user group in order to produce outline proposals of a general layout and approach to design.

Formal and informal meetings between the client and the live project group occurred throughout the project’s duration and a questionnaire was issued to all members of staff, allowing the requirements for the centre to be established.

The client’s main objective was to create a ‘high quality environment’ that promoted ‘well being’. This was achieved through the consideration of subjective environmental qualities; character, atmosphere and ambiences, and physical environmental qualities;
temperature, luminance, sound levels and ventilation.

The proposals were delivered to the client through notional plans and a series of three dimensional images showing specific spaces within the centre.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    James Pooley
    Rory Martin
    Neil Sansom
    Neil Reynolds
    Steve Dixon
    Rose Williams
    Bernard Knight
  • Coordination.
    Russell Light