Wybourn & Richmond Park

Year | 2008
Location | Wybourn, Sheffield
Client | Parkway Housing Association

The Live Project was introduced as a transitional period between two phases. Phase 1 involved consultation based upon an artistic approach to understanding the community provided by Encounters, a Sheffield based group of interdisciplinary artists. Phase 2 aimed to pilot a process of creative community consultation for the Wybourn and Richmond Park Estate with an open direction towards architecture, which is where our team of Architecture Students were involved. We developed short-term engagement and participatory methods to understand the communities and their interactions with space in order to provide our suggestions in how they can be inspired to form and contribute to their environment.

The Live Project was conceived with the purpose to embed meaningful creative community participation to continue into the future and to create a strong relationship between the community and the Social Landlords, Parkway. The final outcome was the production of a workbook filled with design ideas that Parkway could use when speaking with members of the community to find out what they want their Wybourn and Richmond Park to become.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Ewan Barker
    Mel Bax
    Andy Breathwick
    Tim Caston
    Adam Dainow
    Teresa Fajardo
    Richard Holland
    Thomas Kenny
    Natalie Lunt
    Hugh Miller
    Rob Sharples
  • Coordination.
    Prue Chiles