York Park & Ride

Year | 2010
Location | York, Yorkshire, UK
Client | York Park & Ride

York has a successful and popular Park & Ride system; however, the sites themselves speak nothing of the city and their local and regional context. They also suggest only two discrete functions, that of parking the car and that of riding the bus. The York Park & Ride Live Project group were brought in to work with Yorkshire Forward in re-imaging what Park & Ride sites can be, in rooting them in their context and exploring additional functions and modes of transport that could be integrated into the sites.

The group explored all York and its 5 existing and 3 proposed Park & Ride sites and began developing proposals that were then tested at a smaller, site specific scale. It became clear that the groups role was to provoke and raise expectations, leaflets were produced to introduce the idea of ‘want for more’, an attempt to provoke discussion as to the role and potential of Park & Ride sites.

Having developed sketch proposals the group then returned to York to test ideas and engage people with the project. An interactive board game, that could be set up in the city centre as well as the Park & Ride sites themselves, was developed to spark interest and start discussions. These discussions were then fed back into the proposals which were set out in a document. The document illustrates the group’s overall vision as well as case studies that could in future provoke the public and institutions to expect more from Park & Ride.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Nicola Beer
    Christopher Carthy
    Daniel Cook
    Catherine Duncalfe
    Philip Etchells
    Jenny Greenwood
    Noemi Malakun
    Emma Reale
    Francisco Perez Rodriguez
  • Coordination.
    Evan Ferguson
  • Developer Blog.