Panga Chumvi

Year | 2011
Location | Matemwe, Zanzibar
Client | Panga Chumvi

Panga Chumvi are a small tourist resort in Zanzibar aspiring to be sustainable financially, environmentally and culturally. They use local materials when building, and wish to develop uses of sustainable technologies which can be replicable in the locality. They are intending to run workshops for local people and eco-tourists as part of this, and have this workshop space for other activities and organisations to use

The Live Project forms part of a strategic stage in their business development of this move towards a sustainable resort.

The Live Project looked at the possibilities of what the workshop space could be, how the location of the workshop on site might form part of a master plan and whether it might be demountable or temporary, and extend into the local community and further afield for a broad range of activities.

The team also developed a series of strategies to address the major issues of the poor water and electricity supply, by suggesting ways for the site to cut down on use of the resources (including ways to address tourists on this topic), and to investigate possibilities of becoming fully self sufficient in terms of power and water.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Sara Arab
    Hannah Baker
    Robert Bennell
    Elizabeth Dodwell
    Aurelija Dogru
    Reena Gaikwad
    Stephen Garlick
    Samantha Gill
    Yian Jiang
    Raadiyah Rifafh
    Timothy Waddell
  • Coordination.
    Satwinder Samra