Wincobank Heritage Learning Centre

Year | 2013
Location | Upper Wincobank Chapel, Sheffield, UK
Client | Penny Rea, Upper Wincobank Chapel

The aim of this project is a to create a heritage learning centre at the Upper Wincobank Undenominational Chapel, situated in the North East of Sheffield. The Chapel site includes a Grade II listed chapel building and a residential property adjacent to it. It is hoped that this project will allow for a refurbishment of the house and possibly the chapel.

Penny Rea, with her passion for the Chapel and local area, and strong links with the community, has begun the process of approaching the Heritage Lottery Fund to possibly finance this project. The Live Project team has entered the project after an initial pre-application while the project is still very much in development.

Working with the client, chapel and consulting a range of community groups, the team identified a strategy for the project which culminated in the production of a series of documents, models and a new identity for the chapel.

These all aim to provide support for the chapels future funding applications to continue engagement with community members and professionals, helping the client to progress the project. It is hoped that the work produced will help Penny and the chapel to progress the project, continuing to inspire local people about their heritage and take ownership of the future of the chapel.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Edvan Ardianto
    James Dacre
    Laura Gouk
    John Jeong
    Sam Kapasa
    Hung-Tsung Lin
    Yang Liu
    Neil Michels
    Alex Schofield
    Jingjin Shao
    Farouq Tahar
    Lucy Tew
    Jun Zhu