Tinsley For Us

Year | 2017
Location |  Tinsley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Clients |  Tinsley Forum

‘Tinsley For Us’ Live Project team worked with an initial client brief to explore the options of how a library facility could be included within the Tinsley Forum.

We identified key issues within the existing building and conducted research into the role of the Forum within Tinsley as well as precedent studies of volunteer libraries around Sheffield. In addition to develop the brief and the project, the team engaged in iterative process that included consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, held public event and presentations to test our ideas.

The Live Project team proposed small, medium and large-scale options for redevelopment that utilise the functions and requirements of a library to enhance the existing Forum.

In consultation with the client, the live project group developed a range of additional objectives and strategies to compliment the spatial design of the Forum. We worked on consolidating the Forums’ identity by providing design and way finding solutions that can be employed immediately.

The client was interested in considering the long-term relationship between Tinsley Forum and Tingas (space for local business), which is currently run by Studio Polpo, and in near future has the potential to be managed by the Forum. The Live Project team, in agreement with the client, analysed the strategic relationship between both parties, whilst being conscious of not interfering with the work already produced by Studio Polpo.


– Explored, evaluated and costed three initial client options to include the library in the Forum.
– Proposed three alternative small, medium and large scale options for the Forum’s redevelopment.
– Produced documentation as a tool to help the client obtain the relevant funding.
– Funding suggestions
– Documentation of the project, process and outcomes.
– Website and ‘How to use guide’
– Identity
– Way-finding strategies
– Event analysis
– Physical model with each proposed option

The aforementioned list of outcomes is meant as a set of empowering tools for the client to initiate next steps towards getting support from funding bodies, requesting further architectural services and bringing the library to the Forum making it the heart of the community in Tinsley.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Yue Chen
    Zhaohan Huang
    Yixuan Li
    Heyi Zhang
    Sanjukta Jitendhar
    Yuqi Zhao
    Zuozhi Liu
    Richard Rothwell
    Jingwen Zhang
    Chris Cooper
    Simona Petraityte
    Rosanna Sutcliffe
    Martynas Vielavicius
    Jennifer MacFadyen
  • Coordination.
    Satwinder Samra
    Xiang Ren