The Ingle Way

Year  |  2018
Location  |  Wincobank, Sheffield
Client  Bridget Ingle and Andy Nice

Lets walk The Ingle Way!
Finding your way through the hustle and bustle of Meadowhall on a Saturday afternoon, you reach the dining quarter next to the river. A man is there to greet you, made of bronze and standing purposefully beside a boxing ring marked out on the floor. A red line starts by his feet and leads away along the river, adults and children alike following it away to wherever it goes.

This man is Brendan Ingle, a local boxing trainer who sadly passed away in May 2018. Highly influential and respected in his local area of Wincobank, The Ingle Way Live Project imagines an exciting new route connecting key areas of Wincobank and Meadowhall, inspired by his legacy. The project aims to encapsulate the life, values and teachings of Brendan Ingle and use these to inspire and engage the local community of Wincobank, ensuring his legacy is an integral part of the spirit of the area for generations to come.

The project led to the production of ‘The Ingle Way’ Tool Kit, which contains carefully separated documents on Research, Proposals, Branding, Engagement Tactics and Precedent Studies. These booklets allow the client group to easily access the information required to take the project and designs forward for funding in the near future.

The route is designed to connect the Ingle Gym in Wincobank to a proposed Square Ring Sculpture, and statue at Meadowhall. Along the way, key areas of Wincobank are reimagined through proposed interventions to represent the 6 core principles Brendan taught his boxers.

The brief was introduced by the clients, Bridget Ingle – daughter of Brendan, and Andy Nice – trustee of the Brendan Ingle Foundation, and our designs evolved through consultation with stakeholders and the wider Wincobank community. We embedded ourselves in Wincobank through local exercise groups, a quiz night and even attended a boxing class run by the client. This culminated in the ‘Walk With Wincobank’ event, where interactive prototypes captured the spirit of the project and the imagination of the community, including many familiar characters we had met along the way.

We hope that Brendan Ingle’s legacy continues to inspire and bring positive change to the area of Wincobank.

Fly through The Ingle Way here…

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  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Tom Hattan
    James Paul
    Charlie Perriam
    Amber Liu
    Tom Cunningham
    Keeley Newell
    Jamie Griffiths
    Hikmat El-Edelbi
    Freddy Yu
    Adam Rich
    Paddy McElroy
    Beth Mamicha
    Ryo Morimoto
    Juan Wang
    Stephanie Porfyriou
    Athirah Azhar
  • Coordination.
    Satwinder Samra