Kelham Together

Year | 2019
Location | Kelham & Neepsend, Sheffield
Clients | KINCA (Kelham Island & Neepsend Community Alliance)

Kelham Together energises Kelham Island & Neepsend toward a healthier collective wellbeing by demonstrating the benefits of physical short-term interventions.  

Street-scale, short-term interventions are orchestrated and located through a neighbourhood-scale framework.  All principles that inform the interventions are part of an urban scale Happy Kelham Design Guide, which seeks to inform an eventual Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Distilling initial meeting discussion, we were asked to help develop KINCA’s (Kelham Island & Neepsend Community Alliance) current long-term ambition: The Neighbourhood Development Plan. In order to achieve this, we recognised the need to engage a wider demographic into the consultation process that was currently limited to KINNF’s (Neighbourhood Forum) immediate circle. We utilised techniques including community paintings which were proclaimed ‘a huge success’ by our clients.

On a more intimate scale of community involvement, we zoomed into Naomi’s Route as a case study. Naomi was an active member of the community who sadly passed away last year. Her partner, Hoi, approached us to integrate Naomi’s values of upcycling and sustainability. These became the basis for our street scale design interventions.

Our project doesn’t end here, we have successfully provided the resources for continual development of the public realm through citizen control.


  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Anna Rennison
    Bryony Dennis
    Danwen Shi
    Harshil Pethani
    Holly Madeley
    Janani Rajeswaran
    Joseph Bradley
    Junsu Fan
    Michael Ford
    Stephanie Davies
    Samuel Dowell
    Wenzhe Shi
    Yihua Sun
  • Coordination.
    Russell D Light