About Live Projects.

Running since 1999, the initiative is responsible for over 150 completed projects.

Live Projects are important in educating architects of the future. Too often architectural education happens in the abstract and pursues a set of ideals that are often removed from the concerns of the everyday world. In contrast, the Live Projects develop collaborative techniques and skills in communication and participatory practice – all approaches that are essential and absolutely relevant to the future practitioner.

The Live Projects also get the students out of the ivory tower of academia and into the real world (in our case this is a real tower with the studios at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Sheffield). Live Projects establish an awareness of the social responsibility of the architect. The aim is to produce work of exceptional quality that empowers clients and students alike.

The benefits however are not solely of educational value. As pieces of work in their own right the Live Projects provide valuable tools, ideas and built designs to community clients that would otherwise be unable to obtain them. These products very often continue to have a life and be of use long after the end of the Live Project.

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