Category Archives: 2011

Forkhill Barracks

Development of ideas for a former barracks site in Northern Ireland

Recycle Bikes

Recycle Bikes is a social enterprise in Sheffield, UK that refurbishes bikes.

Gateway to Ecclesall Woods

Design and construction of The Retreat and a Walkway Design

Panga Chumvi

Strategies for a sustainable eco-tourist resort in Zanzibar

Wadsley Scout Hut

Viable, future-proof proposals for the redevelopment of 150th Wadsley Scout Hut

Pavilion Of Protest

Installation design and construction for an exhibition at the RIBA to highlight the rising cost of architectural education.

Allotment Soup

The Pallet Privy; a modular system for building toilets on allotment sites.

The Art House

Concept report for a library's refurbishment as accessible artists studios

Growing (in) Todmorden

Food Commons and 'Eco-Nomadic School' Workshop

Portland Works

Community project in support of saving an industrial heritage building