Exploring the feasibility of using urine as a binder for mud bricks in war torn countries.

The Woodland Experience

Exploring the future of the Ecclesall Sawmill site through masterplanning exercises and the building of timber structures on site.

London Architecture Biennale

Design for an intervention along the route of the 2006 London Architecture Biennale.

GUM Clinic

A strategy to expand the Genito-Urinary clinic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Whole School Event

An in-school retrospective on the Live Projects.

Gell Street/Springfield School

Design suggestions for Gell Street Park that borders Springfield School.

S. Yorkshire Building Preservation Trust

A research document outlining Thorne's history, and future uses for 42-44 King Street.

South Yorkshire National Park

A study that proposes a new county wide National Park.

Sharrow Development Framework Strategy

A vision for the future of Sharrow, Sheffield.

Sharrard Road Allotment Regeneration Project

A new outdoor classroom for the Sharrard Allotments, Sheffield.

Multi Purpose Centre, Sheffield Botanical Gardens

The 4th stage in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens restoration strategy.

Prince Edwards Primary School, Manor Top

Ideas and visions to improve various aspects of Prince Edwards Primary School, Sheffield.

Abbeydale Framework Strategy (Broadfield)

Ideas for a stimulus strategy in Abbeydale and Broadfield, Sheffield.

Mobile Library, Paris

A portable Library and Sound module for ECObox Paris.


Alternative proposals to EDAW's Castlegate Market Masterplan.

Ballifield School 2003

Returning to Ballifield Primary School in Sheffield to undertake a classroom feasibility.

A Vision for Parkwood Springs

A strategic vision for a new urban park in Sheffield.

Participative Gardening and Communication Spaces, Paris

A community led urban garden in Paris.

Primary Ideas: Ballifield School

Consultation exercise to improve the Ballifield Primary School.

Lewisham Schools PFI

Looking at the quality of educational spaces in Lewisham schools.

The Chelsea Open Air Nursery

A feasibility report for the Chelsea Open Air Nursery School and Children’s Centre.

Lovebytes: Wave Project


A digital exhibition for the Lovebytes Festival.

The Long Corridor

Looking at interior spaces at the Civil and Structural Engineering Department.

The School of Architecure, Pristina

Re-configuring the architectural education system at Pristina SoA.

Strategies of Transition

An initial visit to Brezoi, Romania, to establish links and communications with the town.

Foxhill – A Community Study

Year | 2001 Location | Foxhill, Sheffield, UK Client | SOAR with Miranda Plowden The main body of the project involved the formation of student led design […]

Busk Meadows Park, Shirecliffe

A project focusing on the Busk Meadows Park in Shirecliffe, Sheffield, investigating the possibilities for regeneration of the park and employing community participation methods. Part of the SOAR Regeneration Framework.

Parson Cross High Street

Proposals for the development of a High Street and community centre at Parson Cross, Sheffield. Part of SOAR Regeneration Framework.

A Green Ribbon

A vision for the re-development of Colley and Longley Park, Sheffield. Part of the SOAR Framework live projects series

Park Hill Flat Restoration

Park HIll Flat Restoration

Restoration of a post war icon.



Enlivening an existing courtyard by providing new decking and bench structures.