“The students’ Live Project fed into the brief for the town centre masterplan. Their visions and ideas are about making Accrington more attractive to live, work and visit, a place that works for the communities, businesses and tourists.”

Max Steinberg, Chief Executive, Elevate East Lancashire
Project | Visions of Accrington 
Client | Elevate East Lancashire


“At all times this project has been a resounding success.  The completed structure was greeted with huge excitement and the children felt a huge sense of ownership.  The film has received some very positive comments. However, far beyond these tangibles, as powerful as they have been, the project has created moments that are impossible to capture on film.  The energy through school, the sense of possibility and creativity, problem-solving and togetherness has touched the lives of so many children in deep, profound and meaningful ways.  For all these reasons, the true legacy of this project is hard to overestimate. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who took part, and wish both the school of architecture and the students every success for their future.”

Vanessa Langley, Headteacher, Arbourthorne Community Primary School
Project  |  Praise Pods
Client  |  Arbourthorne Community Primary School, Sheffield


“Cannot fault the students, they achieved a great deal more than was originally envisaged at the beginning of the six week process. They have produced many more outcomes than planned, which RESET was very impressed by. Thank you to all the students for all the hard work and enthusiasm. It has been a real pleasure working with them.”

Project  |  Bangladesh Cyclone Shelter Website
Client  |  RESET, Humanitarian Development Charity


“The Live Project gave in-depth research into the site and helped us see what opportunities and challenges it presents. Through in-depth consultation with artists and stakeholders the students helped us understand their needs and aspirations and tested our initial brief for the building. They also helped us communicate our project to funders and give our stakeholders greater confidence in the project so that we reduce risks and spend less time managing expectations and concerns.”

Ann Cunningham CEO, Art House
Project  |  Art House Expansion
Client  |  Art House, Wakefield


“The development of a built-environment educational toolkit has been subject of much debate by the Trust and their pleasure on being presented with the toolkit is clear evidence of the students’ success in realising the outcomes of the project and the aspirations of the Trust to help Doncaster’s young people to have a better understanding of the town’s built-environment.”

Jeff Prior, Doncaster Civic Trust
Project  |  Doncaster Young People’s Toolkit
Client  |  Doncaster Civic Trust


“The community group has been empowered with a fresh knowledge and awareness of the issues and potential of the development….and has also been gifted with many new ideas about what the site could become. We genuinely feel that this will prove to be a milestone in the long journey toward a successful community driven development of the Barracks site at Forkhill.”

Fearghal Murray, FADDA
Project  |  Forkhill Design Guide
Client  | FADDA (Forkhill and District Development Association)


“The involvement of the Live Projects helped to generate the Regeneration Framework and the Neighbourhood Strategies which are still in use today. The students had a lot of ideas which in turn had us thinking about what we can do with the area. In a sense we were following their way.”

Miranda Plowden Regeneration Officer, SOAR
Project  | SOAR Projects 2002-2012
Client  | SOAR (Southey Owlerton Area Regeneration)


“I am now ever more determined to build the school with your support and to make a difference to the lives of these children who would otherwise have no opportunities and no hope.”

Ramon Mohamed, Client Contact
Project  | Pakhtoon School
Client  | Adbul Wali Khan University of Mardan