Student guide.

live project groupWhy are the Live Projects useful and relevant?

A Live Project is neither a replication of practice nor is it purely an academic project but something in-between. Students learn skills to deliver high quality design projects to the brief, on time and on budget. They learn a huge amount through this experience directly, while also reflecting upon the wider relevance of these experiences on architectural practice and education.

The feedback from our students demonstrates how valuable they have found their Live Project experience to be for the following reasons:

– The Live Project creates a useful space for reflection between practice and academia. Live Projects are located at the start of the year and help new students to reflect upon the relationship between education, practice, design and research. This introduces students to the complexity of the MArch course where the expanded role of the architect and opportunities in future practice are explored critically.

– Live Projects are a great introduction for new students to Sheffield and its region, to their peers and to Sheffield School of Architecture. The group working experience is intensely productive and many lasting friendships begin with a Live Project.

– Students are empowered by the positive feedback from the clients. Clients often tell us that they had no idea how useful and skilled students of architecture can be and their design ideas have really made a difference.

– Students tell us that in job interviews prospective employers are very impressed by the outcomes and skills gained through Live Projects. Live Projects are also highly regarded by our external examiners, and the RIBA/ARB visiting panels.

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