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Lovebytes: Wave Project

Year | 2002
Location | Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Client | Lovebytes

Our objective became a developing methodology for looking at a site alternatively. By this we mean our goal became a continuous site survey in a manner other than that of a typical architectural site survey. In this way we were able to draw information from the site we might otherwise miss through typical analysis methods.

Our aim was to produce a piece of work that can stand alone as an interactive multimedia documentation of our methodology and process; making transparent to the viewer the route and methods we have undertaken, what decisions, assumptions and routes we have gone down in order to arrive at our final published work.

The final piece of work is directed towards Artists, in order that they have documentation and site information whilst also receiving a subjective response to the site. Artists may choose to respond to the work in any manner they see fit, although they do not have to respond at all if they wish. Although developed as a tool for artists, the work is necessarily intended to be fully accessible to the public in order to open up the digital art world.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Elanor McCallum
    Kasam Visanji
    Steve Clews
    Phil Smith
    Matt Jones
    George Legg
    Sam Vardy
    Matthew Kirk
  • Coordination.
    Jeremy Till
  • Developer Blog.