A Home for Music

Year | 2009
Location | Victoria Street, Sheffield, UK
Client | The University of Sheffield Music Department

The Church of the Nazarene on Victoria Street, Sheffield, is currently a disused, grade II listed building owned by the University. Despite the music department moving into the adjacent Jessop building and new, purpose-built SoundHouse, they are still lacking a space for performance. The vision is to adapt the empty church into a licensed performance space for music, which can become a home for music and a face for musicians to present their music to the city of Sheffield.

The music department engages in a diverse range of performing activities from classical chamber music, to opera and contemporary music theatre, including world music performance, electroacoustic music and mixed media. The proposed performance space will be central to the day to day functioning (rehearsing, performing, teaching) as well as knowledge transfer and community activities, of the music department. Ensemble in residence Ensemble 360 and world music performer in residence John Ball would perform there, along with a steady stream of internationally acclaimed visiting performers.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Oliver Cartwright
    Victoria Jones
    Joanne Langford
    Daniel Litten
    Jonathan Millard
    Alessandro Palladin
    Vasileios Polychroniadis
    Hoisun Yung
  • Coordination.
    Professor Bryan Lawson
  • Developer Blog.