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Year | 2003
Location | North Wingfield, Derbyshire, UK
Client | Deincourt Secondary School

This project continues and builds upon the current research and ideas regarding education and the environment.

Deincourt Secondary School is a typical 70s steel frame building. Ceilings are low throughout and the teaching environment is out of date with regard to new ideas and the curriculum. The head is seeking to upgrade the teaching environment to the standards demonstrated in the national Classroom of the Future initiative. The intention is to begin by developing one existing classroom using school funding. The classroom will then be seen as a catalyst for further developments and as a possible demonstration project to help gain further government funding.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Ambrose Gillick
    R. Neil Howsam
    Alex Mingozzi
    Thomas Mockett
    George Poppe
    Joe Sarkodie
    Jessica Sinclair
    Mark Swinburne
    Mihalis Walsh
  • Coordination.
    Aidan Hoggard