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Valley Allotments

Year | 2003
Location | Rotherham, UK
Client | Rotherham Primary Care Trust

A pioneeering scheme established by the Primary Care Trust (PCT) in Rotherham as part of their health promotion initiative. The project is aimed at preventing ill health through promoting the virtues of healthy eating and fitness. It is set in a deprived area of Rotherham and focused around an existing 2-acre allotment.

The plan was to revitalise the allotment, start a vegetable box scheme for the local community and have an associated programme of physical activity.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Joanne Dooher
    Gesche Gunther
    Marianne Heaslip
    Mark Holloway
    Eleanor Mcallum
    Alex Moody
    Gareth Puttock
    John Sampson
    Reto Schmid
    Sapna Shah
  • Coordination.
    Prue Chiles