Pavilion Of Protest

Year | 2011
Location | RIBA
, London, UK
Client |
ZAP Architecture

The Pavilion of Protest project was conceived by ZAP Architecture who have produced a series of works that commentate on the expenditure of an architecture student versus the remuneration expected once qualified. A survey of students carried out by ZAP revealed an estimated average cost of £88,726 for an architectural education post 2011.

In conjunction with the survey, ZAP Architecture launched the VENT student drawing competition, inviting students from across the UK to produce an image about the cost of their education. The shortlisted entries, alongside the survey information would be displayed at the RIBA headquarters as part of a four week Pavilion of Protest exhibition.

Live project team 08 designed and constructed the centerpiece of the exhibition, our own Pavilion of Protest, taking the form of a forest of debt surrounding a student drawing. From the 25th October 2011, architecture students from around the UK took to the drawing board at the heart of the RIBA and contributed to a continuous drawing petition which will be added to the RIBA drawings collection upon completion.

Described as the ‘catalysts of change’ by the RIBA president, Angela Brady and widely publicised in the architectural press, the team hope the project will spark debate and highlight an issue which deeply impacts on the future of the profession.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Caroline Bayliss
    Kara Dickinson
    Kirti Durelle
    Marianne Howard
    Dingwei Mao
    Sigrid Muller
    Na Risha
    Priyanka Shah
    Craig Shanley
    Grant Taylor
    Dan Walder
    Guo Xuan
  • Coordination.
    Russell Light
  • Developer Blog.