Vision for Wincobank

Year | 2012
Location | Wincobank, North Sheffield
Client | Bridget Ingle

The aim of this project was to create a vision for a new village hall and surrounding green space in Wincobank, an area with a thriving community which sits North East of Sheffield city centre.

The client, Bridget Ingle, with her passion for the area and strong links with residents, had secured funding to refurbish a building on the former sheltered housing site, Newman Court, creating a new community centre. The Live Project team entered the project as the council architect was developing plans for the scheme.

Working with the Council, the client and consulting a range of community groups, the team identified a strategy for the project which culminated in the production of a ‘tool kit’, useful, now; whilst the building and site stand empty, in the near future; when the building is refurbished and in the long term; when the community centre’s users wish to adopt the space behind the building for use as a ‘village green.’

Consisting of two models, images and a ‘Now’, ‘Towards a Village Hall’ and ‘Village Green’ documents, the tools aim to provide supporting information for funding applications and material to continue engagement with community members and professionals, helping the client to progress the project. It is hoped that the work produced will help Bridget and the council to progress the project, continuing to inspire local people to take ownership of their future community space, a building which will act as a catalyst for the regeneration of Wincobank.

  • Credits.

    School of Architecture.
    Rahil Bhayani
    Michael Breen
    Bryan Davies
    Sarah Habershon
    Amy Hill
    George Holland
    Neil Michels
    Sigrid Muller
    Chinmay Phule
    Katherine Wong
    Hang Yao
    Hanlu Zhong
  • Coordination.
    Stephen Leighton